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I've come back to Dragonshard over the years and always had alot of fun. It would be alot more fun if its multiplayer scene was actually in existence.

While playing skirmishes I've noticed a few unbalanced mechanics, some intentional some not. The Umbragen have very powerful control mechanics, many long stuns, confusion, invulnerabilities. I can't say for certain but if 3 players played the 3 races I'd say the Umbragen player would come out on top. So of course if someone were to develop this game they would nerf these stuns, lower the durations/increase the cooldown and make a solid multiplayer experience. If you don't think that's strong there's also bugs that make Umbragen OP.

I've experienced a movement cancelation bug with my Umbragen ranged units, not sure exactly how to do it but when using my healer, archer and ranged flame destroyer in a group sometimes they'd glitch out. While bugged they can move super fast around the map and attack atleast twice as fast. So I say again this game needs some developement.

Also, game likes to crash after an intense hour or more of play. I'll screenshot the error next time, seems to be a cache dump memory file issue. Somethings gone spaggetti code.

to sum up, Can we have some development? A Strong Multiplayer Hub? Some Balancing? I would gladly pick up the coding skills to do it myself, but I'm no programmer.

p.s. This game is great, a favorite, should be played ALOT more

~For Satros~

Right, I've done some more testing and it looks like the animation cancel glitch happens to the Umbragen but not the Order. I haven't tested Lizards yet.

What it takes is a mass of units getting knocked back (say by an Adamantium Giant swing or corpse) and a large number of troops. When I tested with 20 ranged units all maxed I found I could cap 5 glitched units at a time. The group must be too small at 15.

The 5 supercharged units will gather shards very fast, particularly if they're Hive Keepers.
Watch out leaving them on a shard drop zone because another knockback will fix the glitch.
If I were the Order and wanted to counter this I'd make some Flame Arcons, their first skill is a knockback, get them while they're gathering.

Reloading will also fix the glitch.

Lastly, it does give them a more than double attack rate, making 15 + 5 more like 15 + 10 when talking about dps.
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the developer is disolved, which means that the original programmers could still be somewhere. gog could try to get a hold of them.
Apologies for bumping 1year and 3 month thread but I really just wanted to add that this game is the only way to explore the setting of Eberron, for people that don't like multiplayer games (D&D Online takes place in Eberron).

I also heard that the source code was released so new content could be made for it if a mod community grew around it
I'm not sure how the D&D license would factor into that however.

Lastly with the explosion which has been the popularity of D&D with the general public aka normies, I could see there eventually being an smaller sequel or at the very least a remake of this with updated graphics. It would be glorious.