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OK, maybe not the best forum but I just observed it with this game. This laptop has 4G total physical memory. After a while playing, the system allocated a whopping 15.8G memory, but it is only using 2G of the total 4G of physical memory! GPU runs steadily at 48%. The game is playable but **onirically**! Everything seems to move so slow... it is even hard to aim with the mouse, but not that slowed that it feels retarded. Animations do run fine, only control and its reply is lagging, but I am sure it is caused by the excess of memory paging to drive. If only the game could use all 4G memory it would be better (actually it is 3.88G what the system reports as physical available, with 177MB reserved for hardware/graphics). I there anything that can be done from/by the game or is it a system related nastiness? I am not sure this happens with other games or software, I only noticed it with this game.
Dragonshard is a 32-bit program (as are pretty much all games that are more than a few years old) meaning it cannot actually use more than 2 GB of RAM. I doubt the issue is RAM (unless your OS is doing something stupid) and more likely some kind of conflict with your graphics card. I'd say your best bet is to make sure your graphics card driver is up to date.
guess your best solution is to upgrade your ram. on the other hand: you could look for an update to fix your issue. windows 8 is not automatically updating after all.