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This project is focused on creating the world of Dark Sun using NWN (Neverwinter Nights).

Project Forums Post on the Vault can be found here NWN The Dark Sun

We started this project with just two people Dizzitt Gardan and I (Tonden Ockay). We have been friends for over 25 years ever since high school. Dark Sun was the D&D campaign we played the most. I would have to say we played it anywhere from one to three times a week for three to four years solid.

We both have all the AD&D 2nd Dark Sun books and have read and studied on the world for years. The problem is that our old group just can’t get together like we used to back in high school. So over the last few years Dizzitt and I have been learning how to make and use custom content with NWN. We are both at a point where we feel that we could bring the world of Dark Sun to life using NWN.

To start we searched through the Vault collecting all the different Dark Sun content out there. Then we looked it all over and only kept what we felt was of high enough quality.

The Dark Sun CCC was one of the haks that we felt had what we were looking for. So we split it up into individual haks to make them easier to work with, pass back and forth, and download.

Individual Haks

· Tilesets - needed for the world of Dark Sun

· Placeables.hak

· Items.hak

· Creatures.hak

· Loadscreens, Portraits, Skies.hak

· Visual Effects.hak

Our Current Team

So at this point and time we are working on adding to and improving on the haks needed for this project. Everyone sends me (TO) an updated hak of the work they have done once a week. This helps to make sure we keep moving forward on the project as well as to insure we don't lose a lot of work if something was to happen.

Currently there are Six of us working on this project. That said we all have jobs, school, family, and other real life things that has to come first. There for, we only get to work on the project in our free time. Which is why we are always looking for people who would like to help bring the world of Athens (Dark Sun) to life using NWN. If you would like to help just contact me and we will see how you might be able to help with this project.

Send me a PM here on the website
an Email at

Who is working on what.

Tilesets - Mondego and myself (Tonden Ockay) (a lot of work goes into tilesets so we could use more help here)

Creatures/Mounts/NPC's - Draygoth (there are a lot of NPC's and Creatures so we could use more help here)

Music/item icons - Time Bandit

Weapons and Armor - Sunssarathi2029

Placeables - Open right now

Scripting - Open right now (we really could use a few scripters)

* Dizzitt area builder, trying to learn scripting, helping out with testing the haks.

For The Future

We would like to create all the key points of interest in the Tyr Region and use them to make a PW.

Then later at some point we would like to create modules and bring the flip book adventures to life.

Our Official Website:
That's awesome. Darksun: Shattered Lands is one of my favourite games of all time, so really hope you guys manage to release a demo showing off your hard work soon.
I would like to thank " Zwerkules " for making such a great Arabian Nights tileset.

We will be using Zwerkules Arabian Nights houses for common housing in our City-State of Tyr's tileset.

We still need rich, poor, and ruins houses for this tileset.
It would be awesome to create an online community of players and give new life at this wonderful setting, the most charming created for D&D ruleset in my opinion.
Keep up the good work guys!
I have made updates to the website and posted the weekly highlight at
Weekly Highlight

I would like to thank Draygoth for make another mount for Dark Sun.

First here is a picture of some Dark Sun Mounts. In the picture you can see the two smaller crodlu riding mounts.

I'm can't post img for some reason so you can check it out here

Now Here is the Mounts Draygoth made for our project.

I'm can't post img for some reason so you can check it out here

Thanks Dratgoth for all the time and hard work you are putting into this project.

I know this Weekly Highlight is a day early but I just wanted to get it out with the holidays and all coming up.

Oh and there are more mounts on the way