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So I had this on origin, and had found a fix (I thought?) for the initial lag input issue, and things were great! Then I started playing the game again today and my mouse is stuck (see attachment) and heard on a forum somewhere that gog had fixed the issues, YAY! So, no, they haven't (but I don't regret rebuying the game, not griping at GOG either folks), so could Someone please give a hand on how to get this running? I'm not worried about hd remaster reboot reupdate editions (though if that's what I need, cool), I just want to play and finish DK2 and then finish WOO since that's dk3 to be frank lol.

Fixed thanks to an old post, feel free to ignore!

it broke Again. I could seriously use a hand with this please!
dk2.jpg (415 Kb)
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