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/!\: This thread is not kept up-to-date anymore, please go to the following one to get the latest links and instructions, or for any kind of feedback on the scripts:
[./] Install the Dungeon Keeper games on Linux


Hello fellow Debian users, Ubuntu lovers and Mint freaks!

Here you’ll find scripts allowing you to build a .deb package from your Windows installer of Dungeon Keeper 2. This package can then be installed through DPKG and removed through any APT front-end (apt-get, aptitude, synaptic, etc.).

Download links and usage instructions can be found on the following page:
Dungeon Keeper 2

I hope you’ll enjoy the comfort provided by these scripts these scripts as much as I enjoy writing and tweaking them ;)


Here you go for more supported games!
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supported installer:

A wiki dedicated to the ./ project just opened:

The link in the opening post of this thread has been updated to point on this new wiki.

A new section Known bugs has been added to the game page.
It lists known bugs specific to this game and associated work-around.