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My question is simple; is there a chance I can get Dungeon Keeper 2 1.3 or 1.51? I want the taste of the old none 1.7 version. Sadly GOG fails to give the option of having 1.3 or 1.51. It forces 1.7 on you. Another question is, since I did in fact buy the game, and my only resource is cracked Dungeon Keeper II, would it be illegal? What I mean by, is downloading it off of piratebay or something. I hope I don't result to this, but it's incredibly hard to find anything.

Thank you for reading, I hope to hear a response!
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You are right that you should not play the 1.7 version that GOG provides as rival keepers will not defend themselves due to a bug.

I'll leave the question on legality and morality of using a downloaded copy when you already own a copy to you, but I believe using the 'General Improvement Mod' allows you to play version 1.51 with the GOG release.