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OK so im running on Windows 10 and this has happened to me on my hard copy as well, I would get to a certain point in the game, my mouse would shoot up and drag the box all the way up to the top out of no where.

So in this case I was on the third mission, the one where you get the 3 lined gems down at the bottom, my dungeon set up pretty nicely with the space I have available and im running around mining, training, making more room for my gems. Then I would cursor to the side of the screen to move to another section of my game and then BAM!, I would lose control of my mouse and it would would stick to the side of the screen, forcing the view to go right, then forces the mouse to go north until it stopped. I figured with GOG would fix this issue while they made it compatible with newer systems.

Im not sure if its a PC issue, game issue, or the mouse. I even used my arrow keys to move around and the same thing happened. Anyone else have this issue and found a way to stop this from happening?

I did the trouble shoot and figured it was just my mouse having the issue, so I did the WINDOWS+R, mouse, then the power precision and unchecked that, havent tried to run the game yet with this off but im just curious if anyones had this issue and found a fix for it ?.

Thank you
The STICKY: Mouse lag solution thread mentions a problem like this for DK1. For me the mouse got stuck on the left side of the screen and I fixed it by using Alt + R to change resolution, which sticks the mouse in the middle of the screen where you can hit the save button. THen you just Ctrl+Alt+Dlete and load the save. An odd fix, but it did the job.