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i bought the game today. And it is possible to play multiplayer with everyone else who has bought GoG version of dungeon keeper 2. We'll basicly play through GameRanger!

IMPORTANT WHEN PLAYING ONLINE: I have heard if you press Tab, while in a multiplayer game you may crash the whole thing for everyone, to PM someone while in game simply press the key ''G'' (I think it was G to create allies also PMing them, which is safe. Also, when you are defeated. Do not press anything, instead watch the game until it is over please REASON for this is if you press ESC or SPACE after defeat may result in the game crashing (I am not 100% if this happens with the GoG version but on free version online this could happen). So show some respect to your fella keepers if you're in a FFA with more than 2 players!


Go to your installation folder for dungeon keeper 2, now create an shortcut for your DKII.exe (Only the DKII.exe works as far as i know yet) Right click the shortcut and press Properties. Go to compability and choose Compability mode: Windows XP (Service Pack 2). And inside settings (Still in the Compability tab) you should also mark in Disable Diplay scaling on high DPI settings. Now you can place the shortcut where ever you like but you can't forget where you put it, else you have to do this step again.

Part 2
Google GameRanger
Once you've downloaded game ranger and made an account, installed and logged in. Simply do this
Press Edit, Then options. Find Dungeon Keeper 2. Once you've clicked on Dungeon keeper 2 choose Browse, and now important that you choose the shortcut you made! You can place the shortcut where ever you like.

I hope you guys will figure out the rest yourselves. You can also add friends on Game Ranger so you can easily play together feel free to add me '' Tuxion '' is my name there. I will gladly own you haha!

Random information

You do not need an Premium account for GameRanger for this to work.

Read this topic twice before asking any questions since i might not be so active on this forum!

I am also a map editor and i have made some maps in DKII which i will gladly give to you guys on request. Simply PM me on GameRanger and i'll get a fresh Link up for you via Speedyshare.
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Good post, should of just bumped this one! Need more people playing this multiplayer!