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I and my friend have problem playing LAN. Game freazes or crashes to desktop after about an hour of playing. I realy enjoy this game. If anyone can confirm that it is solved or knows how to solve it, Iwould gladly buy the game from here.
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You'll need to give some more information on what systems you're running on, what your LAN setup is, and when you attempted to do this. LAN support was always a bit wonky.
I have tried on different computers and systems from vista to W8 but was never able to play LAN game up to the end. Lately I've bought GOG version of Dungeon Keeper 2 and still we could not finish LAN game. Game stoped working with no apparent reason after 40 min. Currently we were playing on Windows 8 FX8150 8GB HD6790 and some Intel C2D 3GB and HD4870 over simpel home network.
I have the same problems but could imagine one solution that i will try:

- use regular LAN (not WLAN)

another thing i fear is, that it allways crashes when you try to play with 3 or more people. i will try that out..