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1. So you can't train beyond level 4 in the training room, but can you just make your creatures fight enemies until they reach lvl 10 instead of using the combat pit?

2. And is it less effective?

3. Is training faster than in DK1? I read that somewhere.
Post edited July 15, 2019 by ResidentLeever
1. In DK2 training works from 1 to 4, combat pit goes from 1 to 8, and fighting works from 1 to 10.

2. Fighting is more effective.

3. Training is faster in DK2 than in DK1 yes if you just want to get one unit to level 8. But since you can't just throw fifty units into a large training room to lvl 10 like in DK1, training large armies in DK2 is slower overall.
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Cool, thanks.