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How can I get the game back to a normal view? I want to play it again, and I am bothered by the distortion created by having the game in widescreen. (the perspective seems to show farther walls as diverging iinstead of converging) I have tried going into the dosbox configuration, but each time, it gives me an error that I need to do it from the start menu. I am pulling up the command prompt in Windows 10, and when I get to the point to run the configurator, it gives me the same error. I am not sure exactly where to start the command prompt from, to avoid the problem, or it there is another way to get back to a standard view in the game.

I finally found the configuration file itself, but I have no idea how to edit the file to get a more normal looking game. Any help would be appreciated.

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I have the same's impossible to play with this graphic.... money lost... :(

P.s. I have a Macbook
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