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Chewy1015: So I just started playing Duke Nukem II and first, I had a tad bit of trouble finding where to save a game. I thought like the first game, you hit F1 and it'll bring you all the options, but F1 only brings you the technical options. So I then hit F2 and WALA!! There's where I can save my game. So I finish the first level, I hit F2, and I save my game in the first empty slot and it appears to work. Today, I turn the game back on, went to go load my game but saw that it was not there, and that all the slots were empty. So I started fresh and I tested it by hitting F2 again and saving on the empty slot and then I hit F3 as if I were to load it, and sure enough, it wasn't there.

Does anyone else have this issue and if so, what's the solution?
Can you tell me what directory you have the game installed?
JudasIscariot: Can you tell me what directory you have the game installed?
Chewy1015: C:/GOG Games
Hmmm OK, figured it was in Program Files :D

Anyways, could you write our Support department about this one? Sorry I can't help you myself but we'll get you up and running, I assure you :D.