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Hi all, just got Duke Nukem yesterday and having fun with it, but I'm having trouble overwriting my save games.
I can make new saves fine, but when I try to overwrite a save it never works. It will prompt me to overwrite and I will select yes. I will see that the save has been overwritten, but when I exit the save menu and go to load or save, it will show the original save, pre overwrite.
As a result, I'm having to make new saves every single time, and it won't take long to run out of slots.
Can anybody help?
This question / problem has been solved by Nickzillaimage
Are you using vista and installed duke nukem to your C:\program files folder?
Have you tried using quicksave (F5)?
make sure all your security software is disabled, if your security software is scanning the files at the time, you won't be able to overwrite because the file is in use.
Thanks for the replies everyone, I managed to solve it with something really simple.

After overwriting, I was pressing esc instead of enter. So the overwrite didn't register.

Sounds dumb, but that seems to be what it was.
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Yes, you have to hit enter to confirm the save name, even if you didn't change it.
Well, Enter or 'Y'.
This has nothing to do with helping the already solved problem, but I opened an account on this site a few minutes ago and just wanted to say how cool it was that everyone jumped in so fast to help address the saving issue that person had. I know I look forward to having troubleshoot help from everyone in the future, so thanks in advance!
Arkose: Yes, you have to hit enter to confirm the save name, even if you didn't change it.

ah, no that wasn't it. I had already confirmed the overwrite.
So the saving process goes, esc > save game > enter >y >enter again.
The problem was that I was pressing esc instead of enter again.