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I've been a Duke fan since I was young (Played the first trilogy when I was about 10), but when I discovered Duke Nukem 3D (2002-2003), this was way after it's time, so finding a retail copy locally was impossible.
So, I missed out being able to purchase Duke Nukem.
I stooped to getting the game from let's just say, less than legal sources. I felt bad for doing it because I couldn't give anything back to the developers who'd given me something I love.
Then I heard about this site a few months ago, signed up and low and behold, Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition for $7 AUD!
Bought it and I've been loving it since.
Can anyone recommend any modifications to the game? EDIT: Nevermind about the modifications, I'm so hopeless :P Didn't notice the stickied thread. :P
So far I've only grabbed the HRP pack, it's a whole new game :)
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