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Since Blood and Shadow Warrior are now sold on GOG with their Sunstorm Expansions, when will Duke get the same privelige? There's Duke it Out in D.C., Duke Carribean: Life's a Beach, Duke Xtreme, and Duke: Nuclear Winter, and most of them are considered well done expansion packs (except for maybe Winter). So, how would the rights be secured for them? Is it because they are too obscure, or is there a legal thing? They deserve GOG recognition!
No clue, but it would be a day-one purchase for me. I've played the original Duke Nukem levels to death, but have never experienced those expansions. I'm not too sure if they did the Nuclear Winter add-on, but I think we can live without that one. Sunstorm also did the Suckin' Grits (Best title ever) expansion for Redneck Rampage, also available on GOG...
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it's an legal thing 3DR does not have the rights to issue the duke nukem Expansion packs. With shadow warrior the pack never even went to retail due to the original game flopping the owner found it on an CD-R and gave it to 3d realms to offer as freeware. the sunstorm blood add-on pack was published by wizerdworks who merged in to GT interactive who now is ATARI so when GOG got Blood they got everything atari owned. the Sunstorm Duke Expansions are still owned by atari and unless they get sold we will never see them it took legal action to get DNMP back for sale.
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