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Duke 3D is a pretty simple game so I'll keep this review pretty simple too. If you've never experienced this title, now is as good as ever. It's a little slice of FPS history, and is remarkably progressive, despite its 2.5D origins. Duke 3D serves to show how the FPS genre matured pretty quickly from the early mazes of Wolfenstein 3D to the more realistic environments we have today. Duke 3D's space stations may be somewhat forgettable, but the cities and cinemas have stuck in the minds of everyone who's ever witnessed them. That's not to say it's entirely modern, mind - whilst the puzzles foreshadow the half-life series' puzzles, the ancient red, yellow and blue key card system is still present and correct.
Duke offers a plethora of both conventional and unconventional weaponry - the standard FPS fare of pistols, shotguns and rocket launchers are here, present and correct, but they're joined by novelties such as the freeze ray, shrinker, devastator and of course, the mighty boot. The enemies are varied and fun to fight, just don't expect particularly advanced AI from them.
What holds Duke back a bit is his often confusing level design. I was lucky enough to get through 'The Abyss' with minimal fuss this time around, but previous times I've been lost forever. The level design is hardly intuitive, but its certainly memorable all the same. You might find yourself reaching for a guide from time to time though.
Be it a nostalgia trip or simple curiosity, you need this game in your collection.