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I'm sure alot remember playing this, or (as I did) growing up on it. Picture what "GoldenEye" did for the Nintindo 64 and what "HALF-LIFE" did for both Single Player and Multi-Player. This gathers as much action, blood, humor and (at the time) nudity (that was alowed.) In short, it was (and in my oppinon) still is the best Single Player game you can get for the computer. Sure the voice acting in todays standereds would be well below poor, but todays voice acting are the ones that are terrible. Not long after this was pretty much sold out another came...I was less then apauled at it. The terror kept comming as the story, graphics and fun kept getting worse. This is like John Carpenter's: "HalloweeN" it stands alone in a series of awefullness. There is also a game for Gameboy: Color "Duke Nukem" as a hand held I'd grab that and "Duke Nukem: Advanced" for the Gameboy: Advance. Crack your knuckles, load your guns and get ready for hours if not months (litterly) of classic intertainment.