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I am in the first part of level 5-1 and no matter what I do, Duke will not grab the pipe at the beginning of the level so I can get across that big pit. I attached an image of it in case you aren't sure what I am referring to. I can't go any further in the level unless I get across. I have not had this problem in any other part of the game.

I have played it on both XP and Windows 7 and it does the same thing. Does anyone have any advice on what to do? I really like the game and I hate the thought of not being able to finish it. Thanks.

Edit: Nevermind. it seemed to be an issue with my gamepad. I had tried it before with the keyboard, but it didn't work. Now it seems to want to work, though it takes several tries. Very strange.
duke.jpg (182 Kb)
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Have you tried switching the video renderer from Direct3D to OpenGL or vise-versa? Though this is long shot but it might worth to try it since this game have problem with double jump when running on Direct3D mode.