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Back in the day when every FPS title that was released was flaunted as being the "Doom Killer", Duke Nukem 3D stood above the rest. It had crude humour, inventive weapons, varied level design, strippers and the mighty foot! I always appreciated the level designs that incorporated realistic environments the most, like the hotel and the Karaoke bar.
While the single player campaign was fun, the Dukematches are what I enjoyed best. For the first time in a FPS multiplayer environment, you could set traps! Placing pipebombs around a doorway and a laser tripwire on the door itself made for a great kill when your opponent opened the door. Lots of other items made the online play very fun. Jetpacks, Holodukes and the Shrink Ray! Some of my best multiplayer experiences in the 90's came from this game.