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In 1998, I began work on a Duke Nukem 3D episode that featured 10 new levels, 2 secret levels, new art, sounds and music. After completing 2 maps, and nearing 90% completion on 3 others, my hard drive failed. Only one map survived, and the sounds, music and art were also gone forever. Depressed, I released the only remaining map into the ether, even though it was not nearly as finished as it should have been. Now, thanks to's Wayback Machine, I've found the original website. Although the images have been removed, the map names and completion ratios have given me a terrific jumping off point to resurrect the project. And so, I humbly announce (again) a new episode for Duke Nukem 3D: "Duke Takes A Holiday!"

"Duke Takes A Holiday" takes place in a time when the Aliens have been integrated into our society. An uneasy truce has been called, and life on Earth has been stable for a few years. However, Military Intelligence has uncovered rumors of a secret faction of aliens who are uncomfortable with the current political climate, and who wish to take matters into their own hands. Their plan: to pull off a complete take over of the planet and its people using science, weapons and religion.

I hope you guys dig it! More info (and screen shots) can be found HERE.
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Looking forward to this. It has been a long time since I finished Duke Nukem and I've never tried custom levels for the game neither for Shadow Warrior....Damn Shadow Warrior and its only two episodes.

That's good news, you were able to recover all of that. Coop puzzles?....huh. That's interesting!