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I purchased duke3d from and the eduke32 mod through them as well. Unfortunately I can't get the game to work over our home network. After I run the setup for the network game all computers just end up endlessly searching for each other. I assume the networks not the problem as we can still see each other fine to play quake3. I attempted the command prompt suggestion as someone else mentioned but had a few problems. One was that I could only get it to open in a split window and the other was that if I rebooted it to start in dos, it was automatically in safe mode. I love this classic game and if anyone can help me get it networked I'd really appreciate it. Not super knowledgeable with computers though so dumb it down for me please.
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If both computers have internet access and your not opposed to playing a lan game over the internet you could use something like yang


which should be easier to use and you shouldn't have any lag playing a game over the net anyway with a computer near you.

I mean it will be possible to set it up on just a lan but will be harder to do.
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