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Hi Everyone,
I've not really had a chance to test Duke Nukem out, and as I'm stuck in the office today, I thought I'd see if anyone has managed to get Duke3D running ok for online death matches etc.
I've got Hamachi and had great sucess with games such as 'Screamer' linking up with my friends and playing LAN games across the net.
From the brief look at the Duke 3D menu, I didn't see any LAN play options, are they hidden away somehwere? (I also grabbed eDuke3d exe but again did not see any LAN options).
I'm sure I'll fathom it all out tonight, but if anyone can offer advice it will be greatly appreciated.
The native support for multiplayer in DOSBox and eduke32 isn't particularly user-friendly; if you haven't set up a DOSBox IPX game before you'll probably run into serious problems.
By far the easiest way is to use eduke32 and YANG (Yet Another Netplay Guider), which provides a user-friendly server list and does all the hard work for you; just like in a more modern game you simply create a room and have others join it. You can't join a DN3D match while it is in progress, however, so be sure to get all the players in the room before launching. Also note that everyone needs to have the exact same build of eduke32 in order to play together; the easiest way to resolve this potential hurdle is to have everybody download the current snapshot on the day you are going to play.
Many thanks. I'll check out YANG and give it a whirl.
Why aren't all forums this friendly and classy :)
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Managed to trry it out last night. Works a treat!
What with eDuke32 and the Hi-Res pack, YANG is just the icing on the cake!