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After beating the game it fells like I have done nothing special.Might as well have been watching youtube videos all day long.At first the game seemed interesting and fun (shooting the pigs was fun!)
But when i got through to the next area after the helicopter boss(most fun boss in the game) The game started to fell bland and repetitive.Some parts did make the game little enjoyable like a few boss battles.Game seems more like a platformer than a shooter.In latter levels game gets really boring!Running around searching for some button or a key.Where's the fun boss battles the shooting.Wheres the multiplayer mode(there was one in the duke nukem 3d why not add it here)

So what do you guys think about this game?Feel free to disagree!
Kaliosmasteris: Game seems more like a platformer than a shooter.
It is a platformer, it doesn't just seem it.
i think it's a great game, it's old and it shows in some things but it's great arcade fun
Oh I love it, it rather relax game. I like sound etc.

I've been thru 3 times before and truly enjoy and I want play again damn you :)
Those bits of searching for key cards and not having anything to shoot at made for uninteresting times. While this didn't rock my face off as much as DN3D, platformer Duke is still pretty kick ass.

A multiplayer would actually be pretty interesting.
I would make it my mission to mighty-boot the hell out of everyone.