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Hi, im looking for a Duke3D Buddy

Reason: well theres two reasons
1. My brother is a busy guy
2. I havent had much friends maybe like 30 something idk

I might need 1 - 3 Buddy/Partner for some dukematch fun
and dont forget Steam and Duke3D Megaton for non-faulty Multiplayer
and it may get popular again
But i might get it on my August 21st 13th Birthday

I usualy play at (Morning is at when i say goodmorning) to 11:00PM or 10:00PM depends on my days

Rules if you wanna be my partner

- No cheats or anything
- Dont be rude or something bad like that
- Use Dukematcher for now until Megaton has Multiplayer Beta
- No voice chat though
- I,ll pm you a irc chat room though if you want to be my partner

Best Regards