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I ask this because I used to have Duke 3D on disc form back in the day when it was just running on DOS. Hidden in its files it had the full versions of both Duke Nuke 1 and 2 which were distributed in the classic 'episodic' model back in the day *first episode was shareware and had to order the rest*. I have this game on iphone but I would buy it again on here if I knew it had those two games hidden away still.
Sadly the GOG version does not have Duke Nukem 1 and 2. The only place were you can buy them these days seem to be the 3DRealms website.
But with the GOG version you can play Duke Nukem 3D in eduke32 which supports high resolution texture packs, real colored lighting and higher screen resolutions. Just requires a little bit of setup and a good enough PC.
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