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Hi this is xBRYAN2000x

Since 1996, Duke Nukem 3D when Multiplayer became even More Popular using
a Mini Commercial Network such as Kali and TEN (Total Entertainment Network)
Where most Duke3D Players play on, in the 2000s TEN and Kali is Dead/Not Used Anymore

We are here to keep Duke Nukem 3D Alive using these steps

Step 1

Download hDuke (Best Source Port for Duke3D)
at :
And Extract it to C:\Games\Duke3D\ or Anywhere

Step 2

You have to go to your router settings and Port Forward
your Ports that are Required

23513 - UDP (JOIN)
8501 - TCP (HOST)

Step 3

Download a good client for Duke3D called
DukeMatcher at :
and Install It

Step 4

You should be able to see any servers or Host Any Servers
Shadow Warrior is Optional for Dukematcher

Step 5 (Optional)

If you have Facebook
Join this Duke3D Group Here
This is recommended to have people to join your server or Letting them know
that your hosting

Tutorial by xBRYAN2000x :D
Unfortunately Step 2 is over my head.

In the day we would play 4 player death match at work.
FUN times.
It has been suggested that GoG add a multiplayer matchmaking service to the sight. This would be a boon for games like Duke, which were designed around the peer based, game lobby system.

Multiplayer VLAN
Multiplayer Matchmaking
Need it on GameRanger.
All that porting and stuff makes my head hurt.
porting isnt as hard as u make it out to be. u just need the right guide on how to do it. long story short it is basically setting the firewall (incoming connection) to a specific port and then setting the router port to the same number. once u do that it should be open tho getting to that option depends on what type of router u have