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...to set up a dedicated DukeMatch server.
In the IRC we've been trying to run servers using YANG and eduke32 - they work but are laggy because we suck. So maybe someone could find it in their hearts to set up a server somewhere so we can hop on and create rooms?
Seconded. There are a myriad of problems getting this to work, and having a fixed target server already configured correctly would make the process significantly easier.
YOU! Yes YOU! reading this post. YOU! know you want to make a dedicated DukeMatch server.
Or Duke is gonna rip yer head off... You know the rest.
Perhaps a New Zeland server isn't the best idea for European players.
TheJoe: ...to set up a dedicated DukeMatch server.

Not possible.
The host must interact with each game as a player.
I played Duke3D online quite recently with DukesterX. It ran like a charm and I'm someone who knows jack shit about servers and the like. Unfortunately, their website is down, but I've found the latest version for download on demonews.
It is possible, Daedolon! You know it is!
TheJoe: It is possible, Daedolon! You know it is!

Eh? It's not, you can NOT put a server on and have people join in there and leave as they will.
The "server" must be restarted (by hand) everytime someone wants to join. The netcode is written so that all players connect with each other so there is no server, unless you specify the master/slave mode, which just means that all data goes through one player's computer.
When we set up a game with a bunch of friends through a DOSBox-emulated IPX network it was as if Duke's multiplayer was peer-to-peer, not client-server (a token ring, perhaps?). So, unless there's a fan-made, third-party solution, I don't see something like a "dedicated Duke server" happening. :<
I use YANG, it's very easy to set up a game.