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Hi there,

I've been playing a lot of DOSBox games through Steam which allows me to get into the game config file and tweak the DOSBox settings to my liking. I'm sure you can do the same with the GoG version of Duke 3D. Any idea how to go about that?
Resolving my own issue.

For GoG initiates like me the default path to the game folder that would be similar to the SteamApps folder is as such:


The file which appears to the the one I'm looking for is "dosboxDuke3d.conf".

In the past to get games such as Wolfenstein 3D or DOOM running smoothly in Windows 8 I would set fullscreen=false and fulldouble=false. Does anybody know if that same trick increases the performance of the GoG edition of Duke3D under Windows 8?

And now it's much smoother.
Unless you have a special reason for using DOSBox, I recommend you to try this
It will get rid of lag, give you better graphics, ease of use, access to mods (like dukeplus and HRP) and a more convenient experience in general.
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