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I don't get it I see people talking about eduke32 but how do I get it? Is it a download from a website or something or does it come with it when you buy and download from gog?
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You download it from http://eduke32.com/ The site has instructions and a wiki so installing it shouldn't be too hard. Have fun!
Use the site that benvardboy mentions above, keep in mind a couple things:

- You simply download the client and unzip it, but there is one more step. You must take two files from your installed GOG version (or really, any version) of Duke Nukem 3D. The are called "DUKE.RTS" and "DUKE3D.GRP". Copy them to the root of the eduke folder (i.e. just copy those two files and paste them right into the "eduke32" folder created when you unzipped the eduke client). Then you just run the eduke32 application: you can even uninstall your old Duke3D version if you like.

- You may get some slowdown on Windows 7 and certain setups (AMD Radeons with their shitty OpenGL drivers) with the version linked on that site (I did, at any rate). Use the latest development build at http://dukeworld.duke4.net/eduke32/synthesis/ and see if it fixes the problem, and there is a help forum at http://forums.duke4.net/forum/27-bug-reports-help-me-threads/

It's a fantastic source port for a quality game, perfect for washing the bad taste of DNF out of your mouth.
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And while you're at it download this:


If you don't feel too nostalgic, that is.
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GOG's version didn't run smooth and had regular slow-downs. Eduke32 had to be installed to sort these problems out.
Just curious i tried this eduke32 download and its fantastic compared to what i was trying to play previously but i'm kind of lost it seems i have to go through this process everytime i play the game and i have to start over from the beginning each time, am i doing something wrong how do i get this so i can save a game and not have to start over each time i open it up.......thanks for any help in advance
I can't find DUKE3D.GRP