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Hello, I recently picked up Duke Nukem 3d during the Apogee sale...I just wanted to say thanks for the great game and I love GOG!

I downloaded the HRP for duke 3d using the sticky in this forum. I pretty much understand everything inside the options except for these two settings, I'm wondering what these are?


Texture Filter = Near_MM_Near/Bi linear/Tri Linear/Near_MM_LIN

On Disk Texture Cache = Compress/On/Off

does anybody know what exactly these do? I am looking for the best image quality available since my computer can handle it :)
Post edited September 13, 2011 by dukenuke88
I'd do NEAR_MM_NEAR and compression off.

The filter set to that keeps the authentic look of the original game. The texture cache with that setting isn't being compressed.
okay i'll go ahead and try those settings you recommend...thanks!

It consists of two parameters - texture filtering itself and mipmap filtering.

Texture filtering itself is the smoothness of textures. Near makes it consist of square pixels, other make it smoother - trilinear is even better.

Mipmap is the difference between the texture sharpness at different distances - for example if you play on nearest mipmap, you can (I tried it in Half-Life 1) abrupt regions where the quality suddenly drops, when you enable linear - the quality drops smoothly.

So for best quality trilinear is better than linear and linear is better then nearest. For Duke use Trilinear, and also set anisotropic filtering (somewhere in other settings) to 16x.