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Ok so I'm a total n00b at this kinda thing. I just downloaded a copy of Duke Nukem 3D from this site a few hours ago. Now i just wanna know how to like upgrade it to where everything is 3D, sprites and all. Please help?
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First off you need [url=][/url].
Download that and unzip its contents straight into the gog duke3d folder where you installed it. Default directory is C:\Program Files\\Duke Nukem 3D or C:\Program Files(x86)\\Duke Nukem 3D if your on a 64bit OS.
Then I think you need to download
A link to the instructions to install it is on the download page.
Mmm...just to make sure. Which file am I suppose to be downloading? Really slow downloads and large files don't work together very well. So I don't want to download the wrong one. Thanks
Well the eduke32 link is on the front page right next to the donation and buy it now links. Download that and then extract it into the duke3d folder. Then from the high resolution patch link go to the download menu on the top bar and then download the windows installer version(not sure which of it is the 3d models so best to get it all) and just install that into the duke3d folder as well. Then go to the duke 3d folder and run the eduke32.exe and it should allow high resolutions textures and 3d models.
Thank you so much! :D you're awesome!!!
Shenlong: Thank you so much! :D you're awesome!!!

No problem, enjoy the game.