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i downloaded the installer from duke4.com and installed it but i dont know how to run it. i unticked eduke on install because i already have eduke.
is it possible for me to chose to play the high res mod or the vanilla duke? or does it remove original graphics?
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Did you download a special installer, not the one from GOG? Try the duke3dw launcher instead, from proasm's site.
In the left, select the duke atomic symbol to select the duke downloads section. From that launcher you should be able to select original duke or high res gfx.
so it's not possible with eduke32?
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insanity99: so it's not possible with eduke32?
Assuming eduke32 is in the DN3D directory along with the HRP files (there should be a "highres" folder among other things) you should be able to run it and choose the "highres" content folder from the drop-down at the bottom of the launcher. If you've already set eduke32 to skip the launcher you will need to delete the settings file so it will appear again. The HRP has its own high-res title screen etc. so it should be immediately obvious whether it worked or not.

If for some strange reason this doesn't work run the HRP installer again, this time choosing to install eduke32, and then replace its outdated version with the latest build. It should then automatically inherit all the settings and everything needed for the HRP to work.
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thanks i got this to work. the weird thing is it is a bit freezy on my monster pc, which makes crysis run in fear, well no thats just silly but still.
i was just running UT3 with no issues lol