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I got my saitek p2500 working perfectly for every control except for the left analog y axis. I'm using it for walk forward/backward (set it to 'moving' on eduke32 joystick setup) but i walk very slowly when using it. I still strafe, etc at full speed and when I use the keyboard buttons (w,s) for forward/backward movement, I go full speed. Am I making a huge noob mistake?
This question / problem has been solved by Arkoseimage
not autorun maybe?
that was my first thought, but the keyboard forward/backward buttons go full speed so autorun must be working.
I wish I could help you, but my Xbox 360 wired controller works perfectly..
if anyone else has this problem, just an FYI i fixed it by setting the joystick left y axis to "digital" and selecting the w and s keys for forward and backward, respectively.
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Hey can anyone tell me how to set up my XBOX 360 for PC controller to work with Duke 3D, or for any of the games here? Thanks Rik
Weclock: I wish I could help you, but my Xbox 360 wired controller works perfectly..

Hey how did you get it too work?--Rik
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