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Does anyone knows how to set FPS limit to 60?? The game is running very quick on my PC (Win XP SP3). I have installed eduke32 and only when I play with it it works that way.
This question / problem has been solved by Gabelvampirimage
Duke 3D had no frame limiter, most DOS games didn't because they didn't think of computers as fast as modern ones I guess.
To solve your problem in DOSBox you could experiment around with the cycles variable in the dosboxDuke3D.conf file in the install folder of the GOG version. Standard is cycles=max, I'd start trying around with cycles=2000 or 3000.
When you have DOSBox running in windowed mode (switch with Alt+Return) the window title displays the current cycle count. To experiment around you can decrease that with Strg+F11 and increase it with Strg+F12 (Some slightly weird thing with DOSBox is that in the stanard config cyclesup and down have different values). Fiddle around with that till you find a cycles count that works for you and write that into the config. Perhaps write it also in the other dosbox.conf files in the folder.
Or you could simply use eduke32.
Ok thanks for advice. Will stick to eduke32, it works best that way!