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Hey, Duke Nukem, my hero. The epitome caricature of >>>THE MAN<<< brawny, powerful, talented, adventuresome, always thrilling and sometimes just a little silly (sigh), only thing missing was the intellect, oh well close enough. No game can come close to the fun I had playing Dukey with the perfect blend of sheer action adrenaline rush fun, mixed with puzzle adventure on speed and super Easter Egg surprises thrown in here and there. How many loooonngggg hours I wasted, er, I mean, enjoyed playing Duke Nukem 3D!! Challenging yet mindless enough to allow one to 'think in the background' and therefore, a psuedo focusing tool (much more effective than meditation) haha. Perhaps another part of the intrigue for me (being a female) was chance to live my alter ego ie. experience the masculine dream of idealized hero, stud muffin and vent some pent up frustration. Nah, he was simply my hero fair and square. Ok, so he didn't have much for brains, but he made up for it in fun and adventure and man, did he know how to bring home, I mean, DOWN the bacon.
A definate must play for anyone wanting to experience one of the true beginnings of computer shooter gaming. I am going to download it right now in fact..... yep, "it's time to kick a## and chew bubble gum!" again. Woohoo!