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Unfortunately the TEN guys are no longer in existence. Too bad too for it was a lot of fun.
Are there any active Dukematch servers? How do you get one running in a LAN and just for info I would pay a monthly fee to help support another TEN activity.
Perhaps GOG might loot at this?
I see no way to even host or join a Dukematch game in the GoG pack….is there?
DOSBox supports LAN and internet play via IPX, but it's not particularly user-friendly. The easiest way is to use with [url=http://ny00123.sitesled.com/files.html]YANG (Yet Another Netplay Guider). This gives you a user-friendly GUI for choosing the settings and a server list much like a modern FPS. The one limitation is that all players must be using the same build of EDuke32; the easiest way to work around this to have everyone install the current snapshot on the day you are going to play.