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Personally I'd love another opportunity to kick ass and chew bubble gum!
But thats just me...
I hate to say it, but anybody who things this game is coming out any time soon is delusional.
Being a fan is fine, but when your fan enthuisiam begins to make you deny or ignore reality, you really need to get a grip on yourself.
Yeah, I would love to see Duke Nukem Forever come out, but the legal realities alone guarantee it is not going to be a couple of years at the least.
And, frankly, I am skeptical about how far along the game was when the plug was pulled. They could always come up with a level of two for demos and the big Gaming shows, but getting the whole thing near completion always seemed to be beyond them.
George Broussard might be a great game designer, but as a project manager and a buisnessman he was a hopeless incompetent.
Starkrun: You will never see a fan, untill you see a DUKE fan... we are legion, we are many.... we are all encompassing. We are and forever will be hopeful...

When hopefullness begins to effect you ability to see reality, that is when you need to cut back on hopefulness.
Post edited March 27, 2010 by dudalb
I really don't see DNF ever coming out.
I don't really mind too much, as it has been said, better to have the idea of the perfect game than to have a weak game that doesn't live up to expectations (And come on, after 13 years, the expectations are immense).
He'll be back.
It's confirmed but that doesn't mean it's coming out mmmkay!