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Probably NSFW. If they turned this into an entire movie I would push old ladies and children out of my way if needed to see it.


The lesson? Don't spill Duke's beer.
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I loved the nonsensical comments about Duke Nukem Forever...

This one is great:

That's part of my problem with people: They didn't like the Wall Boobies, or the turd, or the Pissing...I mean, why the Hell are they playing the freakin' game? What do they expect?

Maybe... just maybe... Shooting? Killing aliens? Lots and lots of weapons? Armor and health?

This short is great, it perfectly show how Duke Nukem Forever should have started. Just outside are lots of aliens, and you are against them. ALL of them.
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Personally, I freakin' love Duke Nukem Forever. For me easily the best FPS campaign since Half-Life 2 in 2004. Lots of creativity and fun stuff. I didn't really mind the two gun thing, but did prefer when they patched having four guns on you into the PC version. There are lots and lots of fun guns, always nearby.

We all have different taste naturally. But for this big Duke fan who had been actively posting on forums and waiting for the game since the 90s, it really delived the goods.

The health packs versus regen thing is a broader FPS topic, personally for me it's not a big thing. I like DNF on hard difficulty, and for me it had an appropriate level of challenge, and very very fun combat. And fun everything really. And I do dig the humor quite a bit.

Anyways, always bet on Duke.
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Great trailer !!

About Duke Forever I must say I miss the open evironment of the 3D... you don't have anymore an explorable big map where you can take the road you want... you just have a linear straight road closed by "checkpoints"... and you can't even go back from the doors you just used to enter the rooms...
I didn't have to explore so much to find "secrets"... almost all the time they where right there on the main road...
I mean, now there is a VERY destroyable map, but it is not used right... in the 3D a lot of secret rooms were behind destroyable walls...

Also I don't like the fact that the "interactive games and things" are not so integrated with the shooting sessions like it was in the 3D... you have the "play areas" and the "shooting areas" separated...

And, I know this can be criticized and all, but, I just don't like when in a game you CAN'T kill someone you have in front of you because the weapons are locked for a sequence... I wanted to piss or have fun with the General for example, but I was just impotent... while in the 3D you were able to kill all the girls and people to make a real mess

In Max Payne you were able to kill even the important characters, it was a Game Over, but still you were able to...

I want a Duke game that works like Postal 2 !! (and DN3D was just right there)

The last PC patch included the possibility to take 4 weapons with you, and it was a great plus in comparison to the original release.

Anyway the Duke is always the Duke, it's funny with all it's sarcasm and badness