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This game, not Doom, is the one that really got me in to FPS gaming in the 90's. I know that Doom and Wolf 3d are credited (and rightly) with jumpstarting the whole first person revolution, but I really didn't get in to it at all until this game. My friend had a demo on his pc..and at first it was no more then a very lively slide show. Then his Dad bought a new PC and we were able to play DN 3d in all it's glory.
Luckily his dad never played the game...heh. I don't think he would have approved.
There are still weapons in this game I haven't seen in many or any other FPS: Things like the shrink ray.
I think I've played a version of this on every console I have owned since then..I'm glad to be able to get it the original for a PC again. Very very cool to find this on here; can't wait until I can get Rise of the Triad...(A game I played after DN 3d, but loved.)
I remember how much fun the guys and I at the dorm used to have with this game. It was widely agreed that EVERY video game would be better if it had Duke in it. We then proved our points by doing our own Duke voice-overs for games like Turok and Goldeneye.
I can't quite picture Pierce Brosnan shouting "SUCK IT DOWN" to a fallen foe, but it was good for multiple LOLs at the time.
I can imagine "I AM DUKE!" in Turok when you come back to life...
Suck it down would be appropriate for when you killed the dinos, that is for sure.
We could insert Duke in to places like Super Mario World.