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Yo whats up people . So the thing is that i have been having a hard time trying to find out how to get polymer to work , But if anyone else is having a same thing this should help maybe . Download Special Beta of HRP for Enhanced Polymer Effects . The link gives you download of what it says which sounds like it works with HRP . Does HRP even work with polymer cause i seen it in vids and if it does someone please tell me how to get it to work .
nevermind lol
Dekin: nevermind lol

If you got it to work you should let me know how. I couldn't. :(
Dekin: nevermind lol
chautemoc: If you got it to work you should let me know how. I couldn't. :(

Try downloading eduke32 w/ polymer and installing it to your duke3d directory:
Then download the polymer hrp package and drop it in the eduke32 autoload folder
Mind all polymer is still a beta release so you're going to have bugs