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Hello everyone,

As the topic title suggests, I have a problem with performance on my netbook (Asus 1001px with Atom N450 1.6 ghz, 1 gb ram, Intel GMA) when playing this game. It seems to run at about 5-10 fps when I get into the opening menu, and when playing it it seems pretty much the same. I have tried going into the game folder, running Graphic mode setup to change the graphic mode, but it seems to be the same problem no matter what I choose. The game should perform better, surely?

Anyway, I have actually noticed a pattern related to other GOG DOSbox games on my netbook, specifically Master of Magic and Master of Orion 2, both of which also seem majorly slowed down when playing on the netbook. This is odd because all the windows-based games I have from GOG, all of which I will assume have higher system requirements, run as smoothly as I would expect.

Could this then be a problem related to how Dosbox is configured? I'm not at all into how Dosbox works actually, so if anyone could provide some expertise on that or anything else that could potentially solve my problem I'd greatly appreciate it!
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Never mind, seems this was related first and foremost to some application control settings in Kaspersky. Runs acceptably now and loads much faster.