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This has always been one of my favourite FPS' but I've never been able to get the superious P.C version, until now, and it's made a classic even better in my eyes :D
39 awesome levels of action packed madness, fun and hilarity!
There's just so much about Duke 3D that makes it great. His lust for half nude babes, the ugly assed enemies that he gets to blow away, the excellent level design, the cool weapons and gadgets such as a Shrink Ray, Jet Pack, Enlargener, 3 Barreled Machine Gun, his Holo Duke and many many more.
The Shrinker is probably the most fun weapon though, as you Shrink the enemy until you can stomp on them, and the reason this is so fun is, because you can use it in the deathmatches. My mates and I have wasted MANY an hour doing just that.
With tons of secrets and tons of wow factor this game is one of the most replayable games that I've ever had the fortune of playing.
For such a small price you CAN'T go wrong.