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Hello excellent helpers of GOG,
From the sticky in the Duke forums about fan mods (high-res mod, tcm's, etc.) there was one in the first post that I wanted to try. The "Borg Nukem" mod. The link in the sticky was broken but eventually I found a mirror. I had it installed it (came with it's own install package that created it's own folder and is a stand-alone mod; apparently just needed the Duke3D files to be somewhere on my computer) and it will not work. I've tried to match up the compatibility programs so both Duke and this mod are running on the Windows XP (service pack 3) option, but it still won't work. A box will keep coming up asking me to find a Windows 7 64-bit version of this mod. I doubt very much this has been kept up to date since 1996/2005.
If anyone managed to get this mod working (or at least direct me to an easier-yet-star-trek-related-mod) and give help would be always appreciated. And for recap:
- Running Windows 7 64-bit
- Trying to use this [url=][/url] mod.
- Program installed itself properly without using the compatibility function, won't play with or without compatibility
- Running Duke3D using the Windows XP Serivce Pack 3 compatibility option

Thanks again
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