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I just want to say that I'm really excited to be able to play Manhattan Project again.
Note to GOG, and everyone:
This is listed as a FPP game. It's not. It's a 3rd person platform adventure game. It's side scrolling but it has 3D graphics. Think of Super Mario Brothers, with guns, and blood, and pipe bombs, and jetpacks. Yeah, sorta like that.
I played this game back when it was new. Complete blast. Except I quit because I got completely stuck. There was this level where you had to drop a pipe bomb down a ladder, and I could rarely do it without blowing myself up. And on the rare chance I got past that room, I'd die shortly thereafter and go back to a checkpoint before the pipe bomb ladder thing.
So it was one of those games that you say "Wow, that was a lot of fun until I got completely stuck."
But it's worth the $6, so I'll likely pick it up. And then I'll either finish it this time, or get stuck again and experience a rare sense of masochistic nostalgia. :p
Anyone else anxious for this game?
EDIT: Sorry for the misspelling in the title. And this website doesn't allow editing titles....
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I remember playing the demo, and it was pretty fun! I'm looking forward to playing it again.
I'm reinstalling it right now.