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Duke Nukem 3D is one of the most over-the-top fun shooters ever to be released. Sticking to two dimensional bit-map technology, it wasn't a big technological leap for its time. However, it ditched the brown, grimy environments and anonymous hero of Quake, in favor of a huge array of levels, strippers, crazy enemies, meaty weapons and a cigar chomping one-liner spewing hero to spoof all action heroes.
The levels are sprawling and expansive, but never so much that they're confusing. Sometimes, the game-play invariably boils down to simple find the key and progress but the levels are peppered with so much action that it often doesn't matter.
Duke Nukem Forever, the proposed sequel to this game has become the longest running inside joke of the industry. However, to understand why, you have to know that the frustration over the long development time springs from the fact that Duke Nukem 3D was so darn fun to play, and most of those who played it would have loved a worthy sequel. I kept this game until the floppies became obsolete, and corrupt and I'm so excited to see it here on GOG. If you've never played DN:3D before, now is your chance to relive one of the classics that shaped PC gaming. If you have, you don't need my recommendation to play.