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Duke Nukem 3D is one of the greatest First-Person Shooters of all time. It's fun, innovative, and funny! Duke's lines fit perfectly when mowing down on alein scum!
Many say it's better than DOOM, and that's saying alot! ("Hmm.. that's one DOOMed space marine!"
Duke Nukem 3D's age has shown only in it's graphics, but if you want there's a mod that makes everything truly 3D.
Unfotunatly, the future of the Duke Nukem franchise is unclear, thanks to 3DRealms' lazyness with Duke Nukem Forever. It's been in development for over 13 years! I'm sorry to say this, but it HAS become a joke. Everytime a tiny bit of hope is shown, it's all quickly dashed away with the developer's "When it's Done" comments. It's a disgrace, and 3DRealms ought to be ashamed.
Life goes on, new games are released, and Duke is now simply a fragment of the past.
But thanks to Good old Games and the XBox Live Arcade (for the XBox 360, duh), at least new gamers will be able to understand why many gamers hyped up DNF in the first place. And when it actually IS done, I won't care if it took 50 years to develope, I'll gladly welcome Duke Nukem back with open arms, empty pockets, and a little less Harddrive space after installation.