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I have fond memories of Duke Nukem 3D. I started gaming on the PC a little late, back when the Pentium 100 was king, and RAM cost a bucket load per megabyte.
The first shooters I ever sunk my teeth into were Doom, and the venerable Duke 3D – very fond memories indeed.
Duke Nukem 3D hasn’t aged well. While ground breaking in its heyday, the 3D world present in Duke 3D is rough around the collar. When looking straight down or straight up, you notice that the perspective isn’t just quite right; things just slant in a very odd manner.
Furthermore, there are the 2D sprites of the characters in the game world; they feel out of place within the rest of the game because they don’t abide by the same 3D look.
Wait wait wait…! Don’t stop reading; it’s not all bad. Despite the both the NPCs and enemies being 2D sprites, they still look good. They’re detailed, and have some rather cool animations. Whether it is breast shaking to a death animation, there’s one thing I still remember fondly. Interactivity.
That’s what I loved about Duke 3D, it wasn’t simply “shoot this, then go here”. You could enter a bathroom, wander up to a toilet and relieve yourself, with commentary! Or you could play pool… Even solicit the women strewn through out the world, in a slightly misogynistic manner. Okay, extremely misogynistic manner.
But that’s the Duke - brash, sarcastic and out of gum.
If you can get over the low quality audio and aged graphics, Duke 3D will prove to be an enjoyable outing, whether it’s a first, or a trip down memory lane. With some option tweaking, the game can be played like most modern shooters, further enhancing the experience.
Don’t know who this Duke Nukem character is? Download the game. NOW.