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i am new to GOG and i am quite happy ^^
i bought DN3D and installed it with eduke3d enabled and all.
i now can change my controls during the menu of the game and my resolution is full.

I still have an ununderstanding with my mouse setup.
I can't seem to let the game know that when i use it right or left i just want to turn right or left.....it makes me strafe AND turn.....How do i correct that ?? i tried one or two things but i did'nt do it :(

what specific setup should i do and where to "enable" it to :

- turn right/left when i use the right and left
- look up/down when i use the up and down
(i want to strafe with my keyboard and that is already "said" to the game)

thanks for your help !

P.S : you will have to excuse me if it was EASY but i am french and i don't understand every menu for the mouse :( ) ^^
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