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This is a great formular comming from the creators of the first ever fps game (wolfenstien 3d which was also made by id sofware who made doom and quake) so they know how to make games. Sommtimes theres a glich but its nouthing, the game plays like doom but with style, a popper plot and a charecter that talks (talks like you been a bad boy and need treating, dukes bad ass words should win a medal). I notice unlike doom theres more freedom of ware to go and more space, insted of opening walls to find weapons you find spoofs and gajets and there are alot of different ways to find secrets such blowing up a skyskraper. The gamepaly is your gun and run type but were it looses a star you can get bord if you play games like the orignal doom, why because you feel that you gone down this road, it feels like a mod for doom or wolf3d so it can get boring sommtimes but don't let that stop u from buying its a brillent game overwise i wouldent of given it 4 stars im just saying if u havent play old school fps you will injoy this the most and is a change from call of duty. so this is a wopper and £2.00 may sound alot for sommthing this old but its a copy that works on xp or vista and can be downkoad whenether u like.
ps:this is my first review and i forgot to say that this comes with 100 ringtones yes a 100 :)