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Weapons! This patch adds 5 new weapon types (ballistic burst, plasma blast, manual beam, chaining beam, and plasma wave), improves many of the old weapon types (fighters, bombs, missiles, and special weapons), and adds several new skill icons.

0.838 change list:

* added ballistic burst weapons (machine gun)
* added plasma blast weapons (shotgun)
* added manual aim beam weapons
* added chaining beam weapons
* added plasma wave weapons
* fighters now gain half of the player's attack value
* fighters now gain half of the player's damage bonus from tactical (Dreepa)
* improved bomb sounds
* made bomb explosions much better
* made bombs available at lower levels
* increased LightningField range from 125.0 to 150.0
* added 10% damage inflation to Lightning Field (Vastin)
* added 10% damage inflation to Pulsar Generator (Vastin)
* added 10% damage inflation to Hellfire (Vastin)
* increased Radiation Pulse Weapon range from 400.0 to 800.0
* added 10% damage inflation to Radiation Pulse Weapon (Vastin)
* doubled The Big Bang damage (Vastin)
* added 10% damage inflation to The Big Bang (Vastin)
* decreased beams max range from 1000.0 to 800.0
* decreased missiles max range from 500.0 to 800.0
* added 7 skill icons
* fixed longshot not initialized correctly
* added DamageChanceOnUse to most weapons
* should no longer be able to target invisible enemies (at least directly) (fabulousfreep)
* increased missiles max speed from 325.0 to 350.0 (Soutalgon)
* added ability to have spread in projectiles shots
* added ability for reload times